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Turkaholic Rambling

Turk in Training

29 September 1987
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image by LeoOsaka

I'm a freak. I talk crap which I think is amusing to me at the time, and I don't care if anyone else understands it.

I write Yaoi fanfiction for Final Fantasy 7's Turks (like above) and I take my damn time over it. If you want to read my fics, you can find them here:

You can also follow me on Twitter:

Or add me to MSN:

(I like to RP so I'd be glad to meet some other RPers out there.)

My favourite Pairing is Tseng and Reno and I'm a wicked mad fan of them together. I think they're perfect for each other. I do like other pairings such as Cloud x Zack, Vincent x Cid, and many others from all across the Final Fantasy multiverse.

I am a Final Fantasy purist.

I hate prequels and sequels.

I hate Advent Children with a passion.

I also have a soft spot for freaking the crap out of myself by playing Resident Evil games.

If you want to add me, I'm friendly and generally chat to people if they chat to me, so do add any of the above accounts if you want.

Turkaholic x