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Currently sitting outside work waiting for the other half to finish and then I can go home. Going to Nottingham on Wednesday to fill in for another branch of my workplace. Quite looking forward to it, as one of my best friends works for the same company there and will be so good to catch up, haven't seen him since June.
No writing for the next chapter yet. Not because I haven't wanted to but just because I've been working my ass off recently. Hopefully this will pay off though.
My other half has just started college, and last week she was stressing beyond all belief as - college and work combined - she was doing over 60 hours a week. That is a hell of a lot. Thankfully she'll soon be moving to another department, which means less hours. I'm just glad for my sake as much as hers- we were pissing each other off a lot last week cause we were both so stressed.
Went on vacation a week and a half ago and seriously it was just what we needed. This place drains the life out of you if you go too long without a break.

Anyway that was just a brief update. Hope all my flist are good x

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